USA Maildrop


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United Stated maildrop service under your personal  name

What is a maildrop?

The maildrop service gives you your own address in the US to receive your mail at. After your mail is received, it is forwarded to your actual postal address using USPS. Everytime your account/address receives incoming mail, we will notify you by email. You can then request us to forward your mail to you.

For the mail forwarding we use the normal mail. The mail received to your US address may be delivered by normal mail, or by most courier services, such as for example UPS, DHL, Fedex etc.

To get use of this service, we will need to “Know Your Client”, which means that we will need a colour scan of your passport. The scan of your passport must match the name you have given for your name for the maildrop. We may also need an address verification, for example a scan of a recent bank statement, which also much match your name, and the address to which your US mail will be forwarded to.

The price mentioned is a per annum price (once a year). At this moment, the price is 350,00 € which includes a 10,00 € mail forwarding deposit.

You will also need to pay for the shipping&handling fees of the mail we forward to you. A 25 € minimum of a mail forwarding deposit would be ideal. If we do not have a mail forwarding deposit on your account, it may cause your mail forwarding to be delayed.